Copilul drăguț din industrie / The nice kid of the industry…

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Am o mare admirație pentru doamna Anca Lupeș. Este printre puținii profesioniști ai management-ului muzical din Romania. Acesta este motivul pentru care am adăugat acest articol și acord felicitări la scenă deschisă celui care l-a realizat: Vlad Pop

Interviu cu doamna Nr.1 a show business-ului românesc!

My Musical Journey

Dragii mei,

interviul de azi e unul foarte emoționant pentru mine. Azi stau de vorbă cu una dintre cele mai importante și respectate persoane din show-biz-ul românesc. A activat în toate zonele din industria muzicală: jurnalist, producător, impresar. E singura persoană din România care a absolvit cursurile de Master in Music Business la Berklee College of Music. O profesionistă desăvârșită, de unde și cererea ei ca acest interviu să fie bilingv: în limba română și în limba engleză. E o somitate în domeniu și un nume extrem de greu, o persoană cu care nu mă voi folosi de sintagma mea preferată “let’s talk music” ci am să o rog: “teach me about music”.

Doamnelor și domnilor, cu plăcere deosebită haideți să vorbim cu Anca Lupeș.

My friends,

today’s interview is very emotional for me. Today I am speaking with one of the most important and respected figures in Romanian…

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Configurarea sunetului chitării la trupa ta preferată

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premierguitar-01Configurează-ți sunetul chitării electrice (sau bass), folosind ca reper set-up-ul folosit de trupa-ele favorită.

Mai jos este propus un playlist destul de variat care conține clipuri unde ți se explică configurarea sunetului chitării pentru diverse trupe: ce amplificatoare, ce efecte / pedale sau tipuri de chitări folosesc. Cauți trupa de care ești interesat și dai play. Atît de simplu este.

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How To Get Great Drum Sounds From Your Home Studio

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drumset-micsNothing makes a home recording, any recording for that matter, sound better than great drum sounds. Pro engineers spend more time getting their drum sounds than any other instrument on their recordings and it shows. I’ve personally seen situations where engineers have spent days, several days in fact getting the drums to sound just so, before they’ll move ahead with the rest of the record. What a bunch of wussies! Do they actually think the drum sound will sell any more records?!! Maybe not, but it’s still very satisfying to get a great drum sound, and most engineers will go to great lengths to get one.

Kits are changed, heads are changed, cymbals are changed, heads are taped up, heads are un-taped, mics are selected, mics are changed, the kit is surrounded with mirrors, the kit is placed on wood, head damping devices are used, Continue reading

20 Tips On Audio Recording With Computer Sequencers

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The recording studio inside the virtual world of the computer is real enough, but sometimes you have to treat it with care to get the best from it. Paul White offers a few tips on the subject.

lexiconstudioaComputers offer us MIDI, audio recording, mixing, virtual effects,virtual synths and CD manufacturing facilities, but it doesn’t pay to take them for granted. The following tips will help you get the best out of your system, whether it runs on a Mac or PC, and most assume that you already have a system that’s up and running. If you’re planning to buy a PC system but aren’t sure what to go for, check out the FAQs on our web site and give some serious consideration to buying the system preconfigured from a single vendor rather than assembling it yourself. If you want to buy a Mac system, either buy one of the newly obsoleted grey Macs or wait until the peripherals and software copy protection needed to work with the new candy-coloured Macs are ready. In either case, buy the fastest machine you can afford – even if you can’t afford it! Continue reading

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook

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Secrets of the top mixing engineers are revealed in this second edition of the bestselling Mixing Engineer’s Handbook. In this edition, you will learn about the history and evolution of mixing, various mixing styles, the six elements of a mix, the rules for arrangement and how they impact your mix, where to build your mix from, and mixing tips and tricks for every genre of music. You will also learn the secrets of EQ and the “magic frequencies,” along with tips and tricks for adding effects, EQ’ing reverbs, effects layering, calculating the delay time, and much more. Continue reading

TASCAM US122 L / interfaţă audio USB

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Acest articol este o traducere după un alt articol scris în engleză cu referire la interfaţa audio TASCAM US 122L, mai pe înţelesul tuturor o placă de sunet externă cu conectare USB.

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– excerpts taken from

Please read all of the following before attempting to change any settings in Windows XP. is not responsible for any thing that may render your computer system unusable. We provide this information as suggestions to increase performance and get the best user experience possible. For your convienece, we have provided links to sections on this web page. Continue reading